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The company's services Vovk & Partners

Representation in court:


providing oral and written advice on controversial issues;
legal examination of documents;
determination of possible options for settlement of disputes in the pre-trial procedure;
participation in negotiations on pre-trial settlement of disputes (mediation);
preparation of settlement agreements;
protection of the client's interests in cases of administrative liability;
appeal against decisions on bringing to administrative responsibility;
collection, analysis of evidence and determination of tactics to protect the client's interests in court;
preparation and presentation of a statement of claim or other procedural document (application, complaint) to the court;
study, analysis of the claim filed against the client, preparation of written objections;
participation in the consideration of cases in court in the first, appellate, cassation instance, including familiarization with the case materials, obtaining copies of documents attached to the case materials, as well as copies of decisions, resolutions, rulings, participation in court sessions, submission of evidence, participation in the study and evaluation of evidence, application of petitions and challenges, giving oral and written explanations;
advising clients on changes to the subject or basis of the claim, increase or decrease in the amount of claims, rejection of the claim, recognition of the claim, filing a counterclaim, the consequences of a settlement agreement concluded in the course of legal proceedings, as well as the procedural registration of these actions;
advising clients on the suspension and closure of proceedings in the case, leaving the claim without consideration;
appeal of a decision, ruling, or ruling of a court on appeal or cassation;
preparation of objections to an appeal or cassation complaint.

Criminal proceeding:


comprehensive protection of the client's interests in various procedural statuses at the pre-trial stage;
full legal support of economic activity, its analysis for compliance with legal requirements, conducting internal audits;
representation of the client's interests in regulatory and law enforcement agencies, providing legal assistance during inspections and when receiving requests from regulatory and law enforcement agencies;
conducting legal investigations;
organization and support of independent forensic examinations;
protection of the client's interests in the process of consideration of criminal cases by courts of all instances;
preparation of procedural documents;
support of the client during communication with representatives of law enforcement agencies;
representation of the client's position and interests in the courts;
appeal against decisions on the election of a preventive measure;
preparation of complaints, petitions and comments;
collection of evidence, development of a strategy to protect the client's interests at all stages of the process, as well as tactical techniques in conducting a court case;
constant advice on any issues arising in the course of protection, representation of interests;
visiting a client in a pre-trial detention center;
collection of characteristic materials, collection of information about facts that can be used as evidence, in particular: requesting documents from enterprises, institutions, organizations, associations, from citizens with their consent;
obtaining written opinions of specialists on issues that require special knowledge, interviewing citizens;
filing a civil claim;
participation of a lawyer at the execution stage;

Disputes in the banking and financial sectors:


drafting various loan and loan agreements;
preparation of draft agreements that ensure and guarantee the fulfillment of the debtor's obligations under credit and loan agreements;
participation in the negotiation process with the participants of transactions on attraction of financing;
advising borrowers and lenders on various issues of Ukrainian law on the conclusion and execution of banking and financial transactions;
registration of credit agreements with the National Bank of Ukraine;
participation in legal disputes on the return of Bank deposits;
advising on bankruptcy and debt restructuring.

Tax dispute:


tax advice (tax administration, income tax, VAT, etc.)
advising clients on taxation of export and import operations;
support of operations for the reimbursement of value added tax;
providing advice for all types of operations and transactions;
providing advice on taxation of foreign companies and their representative offices;
providing advice on the application of the provisions of international agreements on the avoidance of double taxation;
business restructuring with optimal tax implications;
tax planning of clients ' activities;
planning income and expenses for individuals;
legal support during tax audits;
legal support in appealing decisions of tax and other regulatory authorities within the framework of administrative procedures;
representation of clients ' interests in court proceedings;

Family and inheritance relations:


drafting contracts in the field of family and inheritance law, including marriage contracts, agreements on the division of property of spouses, agreements on maintenance and alimony payments, agreements on establishing the place of residence and participation in the upbringing of a child;
advice and representation on: divorce, division of property; property and non-property rights of persons who are in actual marital relations; alimony legal relations;
establishing and challenging paternity, establishing the place of residence of the child, determining the order of participation in the upbringing of the child, the upbringing and maintenance of the child by one of the parents who lives separately;
establishment of guardianship and guardianship of persons deprived of parental rights, adoption; use of assisted reproductive technologies, including surrogate motherhood programs;
inheritance by will and by law, exercise of the right to inherit, registration of inheritance rights;
representation in bodies of notaries in the registration of inheritance rights;

protection of the client's interests in resolving all family and inheritance disputes in judicial institutions of Ukraine.
Determining the child's place of residence
Division of common property (including business) of the spouses
Family lawyer

Labour dispute:


preparation of collective agreements, internal labor regulations, regulations on confidential information;
preparation of employment agreements, contracts, and other agreements with employees;
preparation of draft orders, orders, and other acts of the company's management;
consultations on the use of various ways to form relationships with employees;
conducting negotiations with employees in case of conflict situations;
representation of clients ' interests as plaintiffs and defendants in labor disputes in courts.
Labour dispute
Disputes about illegal dismissals
Material disputes in labor relations
Assistance in compliance with labor guarantees of employees
Orders (employment and dismissal, business trips, etc.)
Collective agreement
The regulations on the protection of personal data

The cases on administrative offences:


representation of clients in cases of an administrative offense, assessment of the prospects for conducting the case;
determining the tactics of conducting an administrative offense case;
collection and presentation of materials to the court in the case of an administrative offense;
summons to the court session of traffic police inspectors, the Ministry of internal Affairs who have drawn up a Protocol on an administrative offense;
presentation of procedural violations to the court, if the latter were made during the registration of the case of an administrative offense;
search and presentation of additional evidence in the case of an administrative offense;
appeal of a court decision in cases of administrative offences;
protection of the client's rights and interests at all court sessions in cases of administrative violation;
appeal against decisions to impose an administrative penalty.

Legal assistance and advice:


Lawyer in criminal proceedings
Oral consultation at a personal appointment
Simple consultations by phone and online
Preparation of pre-trial letters, claims, demands
Preparation of a statement of claim, complaint to the court (non-property dispute)
Preparation of a statement of claim, complaint to the court (property dispute)
Assistance in traffic police
Assistance in buying and selling vehicles
Services in the fields of justice

Civil cases:


Representation in court in a civil case (non-property dispute)
Representation in court in a civil case (property dispute)
Allocation in kind of the property share of a member of the KSP
Disputes over performance of obligations
Hereditary disputes
Land dispute
Property rights protection
Compensation for damages caused by illegal actions
Copyright protection

Administrative cases:


Representation in court in an administrative case
Appeal against decisions, actions or omissions of a subject of authority
Pre-trial administrative appeal of tax authorities ' decisions
Judicial appeal against decisions of tax authorities
Assistance in obtaining rights to social payments, benefits, and compensation

Economic disputes:


Representation in court in an economic case
Disputes over contracts of sale and delivery
Disputes over the lease of property in the field of management
Disputes under contracts and rendering of services
Disputes in the sphere of corporate legal relations
participation in negotiations with legal expertise of various types of contracts;
legal audit of the company's business activities;
complex of services for registration of sole proprietors and legal entities;
resolution of disputes between participants of business companies;
registration of changes in the authorized capital and constituent documents of legal entities;
preparation of purchase and sale agreements, service agreements, leases, loans, construction contracts, investment and leasing contracts, Agency and distribution agreements, etc.;
advising on the application of various ways to ensure the fulfillment of contractual obligations;
advising on the need for and procedures for licensing and certification in Ukraine;
representation of the client in courts when considering economic disputes;




Legal analysis of the company's business activities
Legal analysis of personnel documentation
Legal analysis of records management