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The convenience of the client is above all for us

Our law firm always tries to fully satisfy the client. And even at such an early stage, as an ordinary acquaintance or consultation, we offer coffee or tea with a candy, so that you completely stop being nervous, relax and specifically tell us about your problem!

Додано: 20.01.2023

Our team

Додано: 17.06.2022

Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Додано: 17.06.2022

Working process

Додано: 17.06.2022

Actual issues of inheritance and purchase of property under martial law

Додано: 19.04.2022

Our advertasing

Додано: 07.04.2022

In which residential premises can dogs be kept?

A partner of the "Vovk and Partners" Bar Association gave an interview to Ukrainian Radio, in which it was explained in which residential premises (dormitories, communal apartments) dogs can be kept.

Додано: 03.02.2022

New Year's corporate party 2021

Додано: 04.01.2022

Advocacy Day 2021

Додано: 04.01.2022

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