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Vovk Partners Law Firm

Our law firm provides comprehensive legal services in the cities of Kyiv, Cherkasy and for the needs of clients throughout Ukraine. Each member of the association is a narrowly focused specialist in certain areas of law. The main principles of the company are confidentiality, efficiency, timeliness and priority of customer interests.

Highly qualified specialists of our law firm are able to quickly carry out a legal assessment of your problem and determine the algorithm of actions for its positive solution. In order to receive legal assistance, you only need to contact us in the ways convenient for you, specified in the "Contacts" section.

  Why us?


Our team has worked on the market of legal services more than 10 years.


One of the priorities is the speed of customer service


Contact us and make sure the quality of work

During the existence of our company, we have won more than 90% of cases, which is a good result in the market of legal services.

  Our customers

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By entrusting your business to us, you can be sure that we will do our best to win. "


Наша Практика
№ 640/13788/21
Повернення пенсійного збору при купівлі нерухомості вперше
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№ 902/241/21
Стягнення 566 646, 29 гривень за Договором про спільний обробіток землі
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№ 693/942/20
Закриття кримінального провадження на підготовчому засіданні
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№ 695/3195/19
Верховний суд дав оцінку представництву у справах про адміністративні правопорушення на підставі довіреності.
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№ 712/12061/17
Як добросовісного набувача ледве не позбавили права на квартиру
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Підняв руку на колишню дружину – отримав обвинувальний вирок та стягнення моральної шкоди
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Cherkasy, 18000, Nebesnoyi Sotni street , 31, of. 18

+380 96 289 54 85
+380 96 135 70 14

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Our company has professional lawyers and a team of experienced lawyers who have significant experience in defending the rights and interests of citizens, as well as businesses, institutions and organizations.